The Different Types of Roof Stains and Ways of Removing Roof Stains

Roofing is one element of home maintenance that many people neglect until there’s an issue—like water leaks during heavy rainstorms, hail damage to the roof, or dark stains that develop and spread. At that point homeowners might try to removing roof stains themselves, but it’s important to know what type of stain is on the roof in order to choose the best course of action for removing it. Different types of stains require different treatments, including a professional roof cleaning service.

Removing Roof Stains

Removing Roof Stains

The most common types of roof stains are oxidized, dirty, moldy, and mossy.

  • Oxidized roof stains are usually grayish-black in color. Depending on the age of the stain it could include some flaking or peeling off of shingles. This type of stain is typically caused by bird feces or tree sap that has wicked its way down the roof and dried on impact.
  • Dirty stains are often a brownish or very dark stain that seems to affect only some of the shingles on a roof. This is typically caused by a combination of dirt, debris, and bird droppings that have been baked onto the roof from the sun over an extended period of time.
  • Mold and moss stains appear similar to dirty roof stains but these mold spores can grow even on shingles where moss is not present. Dark green, purplish-gray, or black stains with a velvety look are signs of a mold problem. This type of stain is typically found in damp areas such as along the edges of rooftops, in the valleys where two sloping roofs meet, or on any area that gets trapped by debris.
  • Chalking is an issue with older roofs because shingles dry out and break down over time. Depending on how much sun the roof gets, the problem can appear anywhere from a white powdery substance to dark spots of mildew. This is a cosmetic issue only, but it should prompt regular inspections to look for any signs of damage or leaks in the roof itself.

How to clean roof stains?

  • In general, homeowners can use a mixture of soap and water applied to a soft bristle brush or broom to remove oxidized stains from their roofs. If you’re dealing with dirty roof stains, the best solution is to apply a mixture of household bleach and water. The bleach should be mixed in equal parts, then applied by either spraying or brushing it onto the stain.

How to hire a professional cleaning service?

  • Homeowners who are faced with moldy or mossy stains on their roofs should hire a professional roof cleaning service to help remove these stains. The issue here is not that the homeowner doesn’t know how to clean with bleach, but rather that removing mold or moss from roofs can be very dangerous if you don’t have experience with this kind of work. If you try to clean your own roof and slip off, it’s a pretty safe bet that you won’t be too happy about it.
  • Chalking is another roof stain issue that homeowners might choose to tackle themselves, but this can be a mistake because even a small amount of pressure from a broom or brush can cause serious damage to the roof itself. Another reason not to clean chalked roofs yourself is because you might unknowingly conceal damage to the roof underneath clean shingles. If your shingles are still in good condition, it’s best to contact with a professional cleaning service that can provide you with an accurate analysis of what needs to be done and how it should be handled for optimum safety.
  • Cleaning gutters might seem like a simple chore, but homeowners should consult professional cleaning services to ensure they’re correctly removing leaves and debris from gutters. A homeowner might attempt the job him or herself, but this can be risky because there is also potential for damage to roofs that are close by.
Removing Roof Stains

Removing Roof Stains

When it comes to cleaning roofs, prevention is the best medicine. Homeowners should inspect their roofs at least twice per year to catch any potential problems early before they have a chance to become unsightly stains that are harder, more expensive, and potentially dangerous to remove.

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