How to Get to Lake Kennedy Community Park

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Swimming, wading, glass containers and littering prohibited

The City of Cleveland has a number of rules and regulations regarding use of this park. For example, it is illegal to sell fish or water-filled air-inflated plastic. Additionally, no one is allowed to use glass containers or litter the park. People must also have the permission of the Board before they can bring plants into the park. Littering and glass containers are prohibited at Lake Kennedy Community Park. Refer to This Page

The Board of Cleveland has enforced these rules to protect the park and its visitors. Anyone violating these rules may be subject to legal action. It is also against the law to leave newspapers or other materials lying around the park. Similarly, no one is allowed to leave glass containers, sharp objects, or metallic in the park. Guests are also not allowed to engage in any form of contention or encourage fights. Besides that, they must not cause injury to animals or damage property. In addition, they must not dress behind shrubs or in areas designated for clothing.

Canoes up to 17 feet and boats 14 feet and under must be properly licensed and permitted

All private watercraft must be licensed and permit-required for use in Lake Kennedy Community Park. Private boats must have permanent air chambers or be buoyant if submerged. Boats less than 12 feet must be at least 35 inches wide. All private vessels must have an adult in each vessel and be licensed and permitted at the park.

Located on a small rise, Kennedy Lake Park is great for hiking with kids. There are some restrictions on the lake, but small canoes and boats up to 14 feet are allowed. Gas motorized boats and live baitfish are prohibited. Canoes and kayaks may be rented, but must be licensed and permitted before use.

If you plan to use a canoe or kayak, it is important to have a permit from TPWD. Boats under fourteen feet must have a license, and canoes under 17 feet must be licensed and permitted. The park requires all watercraft operators to have a valid USCG vessel operator’s license and insurance.

All watercraft are required to have safety equipment. This ensures that people can survive in case of an accident. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas that is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. It is emitted by gas generators, engines, and cooking ranges. Even a small amount of CO can kill you, so it is recommended to have a carbon monoxide detector in enclosed areas. Visit The Following Website

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