Snell Park on Valencia Way in Fort Myers

The riverside park on Valencia Way in Fort Myers is known as Snell Park. The park was named after the grandparents of developer Perry G. Snell and opened in 1909. In recent years, Snell Park has become a topic of controversy due to the removal of a ficus tree. Here, we’ll learn about some of the issues surrounding this beautiful park. Also, we’ll see what happens when the ficus tree is removed. A fantastic read

Snell Park is a riverside park in Fort Myers

Snell Park is a beautiful riverside park located at the foot of Almeria Avenue off of McGregor Boulevard. The park spans 60 feet and is 200 feet deep. Two benches face the shimmering river and a 8,000-square-foot white shell walkway winds its way through the park. The park features a majestic Indian laurel tree that has grown in the area for nearly a century. Several people love this tree, while others fear it.

It was dedicated to Perry G. Snell’s grandparents

Artwork in Snell Park was inspired by Cornelia Collins, who married a man named George W. Collins and settled in Chicago. He worked at the Auditorium Theatre and the Chicago Grand Opera Company. In addition to his art work, he also authored several books. He died at the age of 91. The park’s murals are dedicated to the artist. This article

It is located on Valencia Way

Snell Park is located on Valencia Way and sits at the foot of Almeria Avenue. Its white shell walkway winds along the banks of the broad river, with two benches facing the water. The park’s 8,000-square-foot canopy towers over the rest of the area, dwarfing even the river. The park’s iconic Indian laurel tree has thrived for nearly a century, and many residents love its beauty. Others dread its destructiveness.

It has been the site of protests over a ficus tree

A ficus tree on Snell Park’s Valencia Way has caused several local residents to rally against the removal of the historic specimen. Residents in Redondo and Torrance gathered in the middle of the street to demonstrate their opposition to the tree’s uprooting. Mayor Bill Brand held a megaphone and urged drivers to spare the tree’s life. Check this out

Driving Direction from Clean Roof to Snell Park

Driving Direction from Snell Park to Paul Sanborn Park