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Clean Roof Soft Wash Services is your solution for a broad range of outdoor cleaning services for your house or business. Our trained, fully insured, professional service technicians, ensure to get there on time in our branded, company trucks with the right tools to restore your house back to its original beauty. When you require professional outdoor cleaning services you can trust and depend on Clean Roof to do the job right.

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At Clean Roof, we are dedicated to providing top-quality roofing services that ensure the longevity and pristine appearance of your roof. Our team of skilled professionals works tirelessly to maintain and restore roofs, utilizing a range of specialized services tailored to your unique roofing needs.

Here’s a closer look at what we offer:

Roof Softwashing Service


Gentle yet powerful, our roof softwashing service guarantees a thorough cleaning without causing any damage to your roof. We use effective cleaning solutions that eliminate algae, mold, and mildew, giving your roof a refreshed appearance and preventing potential issues down the line. Say goodbye to unsightly stains and discoloration with our advanced softwashing technique.

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Tile Roof Repair Service

Tile Roof Repairs

Our tile roof repair service is designed to address all types of damages, from minor cracks to extensive leaks. Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your roof, identifying problem areas and providing long-lasting solutions. We work with a wide variety of tile materials, ensuring we have the expertise to repair and maintain your specific roof type. Trust us to restore your roof’s structural integrity and appearance.

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Roof Sealant Service


Protect your roof from the elements with our high-quality roof sealant service. We apply a durable, weather-resistant sealant that safeguards your roof from water intrusion, UV damage, and general wear and tear. This protective layer not only extends the lifespan of your roof but also enhances its energy efficiency, helping you save on your energy bills.

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Shingle Lock Service

Shingle Lock

Secure your shingles with our innovative shingle lock service. We use industry-leading techniques to fasten and reinforce your shingles, preventing them from lifting or detaching due to high winds or severe weather conditions. Our expert team will ensure your shingles remain firmly in place, reducing the risk of leaks and costly repairs.

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Discover the transformative power of Clean Roof’s expert services through our stunning gallery. Witness firsthand the results achieved by our dedicated professionals, and envision the potential for your own property.

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Let’s Work Together!

We believe in fostering lasting partnerships built on trust, professionalism, and a shared commitment to excellence. Join our expert team to elevate your property’s appearance and protect it from the elements. Experience unparalleled service, superior results, and the peace of mind of knowing your home or business is in capable hands.

Revitalize Your Roof with Expert Cleaning Services in Cape Coral, Loxahatchee, and North Fort Myers, FL

Is your roof showing signs of wear and tear, or are you concerned about its overall condition? Our roof cleaning, sealing, and repair services are here to provide effective solutions, ensuring your roof looks great and stands the test of time.

Roof Cleaning for Lasting Appeal

Discover the transformative power of our soft wash roof cleaning services. We specialize in gentle yet thorough cleaning methods that remove dirt, grime, and algae, leaving your roof looking as good as new. Our advanced techniques ensure a pristine finish without damaging your roof’s surface.

Seal the Deal with Roof Sealing

Protect your investment with our roof sealing services. Our expert team utilizes top-quality sealants to create a barrier against the elements. This process enhances the aesthetic appeal of your roof and adds a layer of defense, prolonging its lifespan.

Quality Roof Repair Services

Addressing roof issues promptly is crucial to preventing further damage. Our roof repair services cater to various needs, from fixing minor leaks to addressing more extensive damage. Trust us to assess and resolve any roofing issues efficiently.

Tile Roof Repair and Restoration

We specialize in tile roof repair and restoration for homes with tile roofs. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in handling tile roofs and offer tailored solutions to restore their original beauty and functionality.

Find Solutions for Discontinued Roof Tiles

If your roof includes discontinued tiles, worry not. Our experts are equipped to source and replace discontinued roof tiles, ensuring a seamless and cohesive look for your roof.

We proudly extend our services to Cape Coral, Loxahatchee, and North Fort Myers, FL. Whether you need roof cleaning, sealing, or repairs, our team is committed to delivering top-notch service with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Let’s work together and create a brighter, cleaner future for your property. Contact us today, and let’s journey toward a pristine and well-maintained property together.

Is softwashing better for my roof than pressure washing?

Yes, softwashing is generally better for your roof than pressure washing. Softwashing utilizes a gentle cleaning solution and low-pressure water application, effectively removing dirt, algae, and stains without causing damage or compromising the integrity of your roof’s surface.

Should I try to clean my roof myself?

It is not recommended to clean your roof yourself. Roof cleaning requires expertise, specialized equipment, and proper safety measures. Hiring a professional roof cleaning service ensures thorough and safe cleaning while avoiding potential damage or accidents that could occur with DIY attempts.

When should I get my roof checked for damage?

It is advisable to have your roof checked for damage at least once a year. Additionally, after severe weather events such as storms, heavy winds, or hail, it is crucial to schedule a professional roof inspection promptly. Regular inspections help identify and address any potential issues early on, preventing further damage and costly repairs in the long run.

Is softwashing an effective method for cleaning a roof?

Yes, softwashing is an effective method for cleaning a roof. It employs a combination of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and low-pressure water application to safely and thoroughly remove dirt, moss, algae, and stains from the roof’s surface. Softwashing not only restores the roof’s appearance but also helps extend its lifespan by preventing the growth of harmful organisms.

How often should I get my roof cleaned?

We recommend scheduling roof cleaning at least once a year to maintain its appearance and prevent long-term damage.

Can roof sealing be applied to any type of roof?

Yes, our roof sealing services are suitable for various roofing materials and provide a protective barrier regardless of the roof type.

Is tile roof restoration a cost-effective alternative to replacement?

Absolutely. In many cases, a tile roof restoration is a cost-effective solution that can significantly extend the life of your roof without the need for a full replacement.

What should I do if I have discontinued roof tiles that need replacement?

Contact our team, and we’ll work to source compatible tiles and seamlessly replace the discontinued ones for a uniform look.

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