Understanding Mildew on Roofs

Mildew is not just a cosmetic issue. In Florida’s humid climate, it’s a common, persistent problem. Understanding the causes and impacts of mildew is crucial for homeowners.

  • Moisture & Climate: Florida’s weather, with its high humidity and frequent rains, provides the perfect environment for mildew growth.
  • Material Susceptibility: Some roofing materials, more common in Florida homes, like asphalt shingles, are particularly prone to mildew. This can lead to faster degradation and the need for more frequent maintenance.

The Perils of Ignoring Roof Mildew

Ignoring mildew can have serious consequences:

  • Aesthetic Damage: Beyond unsightly stains, mildew can lead to discoloration that’s difficult to reverse.
  • Structural Harm: Over time, mildew can degrade roofing materials, leading to leaks, which can cause extensive damage to the interior of your home.

Our Specialized Services

Softwashing: A Gentle, Effective Approach

Our softwashing technique, unlike high-pressure methods, is gentle on your roof while being tough on mildew. This method not only cleans but also helps prevent future growth, maintaining the roof’s integrity over time.

Tile Roof Repairs

We address a range of issues from simple wear and tear to more significant damages. Our expertise in various tile materials ensures that we can provide tailored solutions, regardless of your roof’s composition.

Sealant Application

Our sealant service not only protects your roof but also contributes to your home’s overall energy efficiency, potentially reducing your energy costs.

Shingle Lock Technology

This service is particularly beneficial in Florida, where high winds and storms are common. By securing your shingles, we help prevent future damage, saving you on potential repair costs.

Why Choose Clean Roof

At Clean Roof, we combine years of experience with a deep understanding of Florida’s unique roofing challenges. We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and environmentally friendly practices.

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